Youth Ministry

HOT (Hang Out Time)

 For HOT, the Youth are picked up from the Middle School and the High School and brought to church, typically over at the Annex Building. HOT is a time that the Youth can have a safe place to hang out, do homework, play sports or card games, watch a movie, or possibly do a community service project. It lasts from 3:45pm (ish) to 5:45pm.

 Wednesday Night Studies

 After HOT and supper, the Youth go and have a serious (mostly) discussion, usually with a centrally lead section, then breaking into small groups for discussion. It typically lasts from 6:30pm to 7:30 pm, every Wednesday during the school year, as long as school is happening.

 Sunday School

 Every Sunday, from 10:00am to 10:45am, the youth meet on the second floor to fellowship and study the word of God. This time starts with a communal fellowship and announcement time, and then they split into small groups based on age.


 Several times during the year, the Youth go on retreats to help them grow as a group. As much as they love going to camp in the summer, these retreats are where we tend to see a lot of bonding among the Youth. These trips might go to places like Camp Crossroads, or Watermarks Camp, some are done independently, and some are lead by groups like the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.


 The Youth participate in several mission projects throughout the year, from a summer camp like Passport or Impact VA, to helping with Trunk-of-Treats during the fall, to working in the local area in the spring with Operation Inasmuch and CBF’s Mission Madness. The Youth have big hearts for giving their time and energy.

 Our mission trips are funded by our yearly Cake Auction in the spring. The Cake Auction is our fund raiser for the Youth, and our church usually provides for our needs generously. The Youth and other members of the church make cakes, pies, and other delectables, handmade crafts, or even paintings to sell. Before the auction takes place, the church enjoys a bowl of chili or soup, and prepares for an entertaining evening, thanks to Colonel Bill Billingsley, our famous auctioneer.