Servant Evangelism
The Servant Evangelism Team is comprised of six mission-minded people and one minister.  The task of this team is to oversee and encourage missions in the church internationally, nationally, state-wide, and locally.  One way we have accomplished this is to plan Operation Inasmuch Days for the past few years where we go out into the community and minister directly to the people.  Another way we encourage missions is through mission trips through Partnership Missions and other organizations.  We support Goshen Baptist’s RuraLove Ministry financially and with volunteers each week to directly minister to the people of our association.  The team also spear heads the making of Blessing Bags to give to the needy and homeless who are begging on the street corners.  We also encourage people to be trained and ready for Disaster Relief efforts.
Parish Nurses assist in meeting the mission of the church to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to nurture and minister in His name.  The principal duties of this volunteer ministry is be a health educator, a health consultant, and a health referral agent. Parish nurses do not accept compensation. They are not allowed to dispense medication, do invasive procedures or take the place of or compete with the community nurse or the home health care nurse.

Each month the “nurse of the month” is listed in the bulletin. Parish Nurses are happy to  be of assistance to  members in need through phone calls or home visits (as requested). We are bound by HIPPA laws and keep all conversations in confidence unless we are specifically given permission by the person to discuss our assessments with appropriate individuals or agencies (unless the nature of the discussion/assessment indicates abuse/neglect or physical harm).

Your Parish Nurses are: Maureen Nelson, Kim Hopkins, Joanna Collins and Linda Swanson.