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Come Meet Our Pastor Candidate!
Call Weekend: September 16 & 17
The Pastor Search Team is excited to announce we have chosen a Pastor Candidate. The entire church has earnestly prayed to be in God’s will in choosing the next Pastor of Louisa Baptist. The Pastor Search Team believes God has led us to this Pastor Candidate and now we would like to present him to the members of Louisa Baptist. Please remain in prayer as you consider this important decision in the life of our church.  
  Saturday, September 16th
                                          10 am to 11:30      Question & Answer Time with Pastor Candidate
                                          6:30 pm to 8:00     Question & Answer Time with Pastor Candidate  
                                    **All are welcome to attend one or both Question and Answer Sessions**
Sunday, September 17th  
                                            9:45 to 10:45        Regular Bible Study Time
                                                                                  **Pastor Candidate will meet with Youth
                                            11:00                       Pastor Candidate preaches at a Combined Worship Service

Here are some qualities that describe the Pastor Candidate

  • Loves the Lord and loves people
  • Strong faith & knowledge of the Bible
  • Is a gifted speaker & writer
  • Holds a Master degree from a Baptist Seminary
  • A Bible-based preacher with strong teaching skills
  • Understands and values leading and shepherding a church
  • Understands the importance of developing relationships in the church and community
  • Has a strong desire to share the Gospel with our community
  • Can lead the church in intentional discipleship (growing all Christians in their faith)
  • Nine years experience as a senior pastor
  • He and his wife are in their early 30’s, with 2 children, ages 4 and 6
  • Devoted husband and father
  • Has a strong desire to settle down and raise their family in a community where they can invest their lives, time and talents
  • Has been active in children’s ministries and has experience working as a youth pastor including youth in a challenging time
  • Is gifted musically and served as a music leader
  • He is skilled with audiovisual and sound systems
  • He has experience in project management, disaster relief, and construction management
  • Strong counseling skills
  • Home and hospital visits are an important part of his pastoral role

A Church isn’t just a building: what makes a Church is its people.

Louisa Baptist Church

Our mission is to glorify God by inviting all people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, equipping followers of Christ for Holy Spirit-empowered ministries, and partnering with others to meet the individual needs of people
8:30 a.m.
Contemporary Worship Service
9:45 a.m.
 Bible Study for All Ages
11:00 a.m.
Traditional Worship Service
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